Monday, December 12, 2011

So many wildflowers...

I can't help myself - just a few more posts of wildflowers as I wrap up my South American adventure. My husband jokes that we have 3 pictures of the glaciers and about 600 photos of tiny little flowers. But just look at how perfect they are. These tiny beauties are called streaked maidens. They seem to grow in the most rugged spots near the very tops of rocky outcrops where the wind drives them into a frenzied dance.

I saw these dog orchids in the guide book and said a little prayer "please please let me see just one". On our first day in Torres del Paine I was lucky enough to spot one right by the side of the trail and bent down to admire the details. They have a sweetly curved stem with the flower head nodding very politely at the end and a beautiful touch of pink in the center - just gorgeous! I got lost looking into that little bloom. It wasn't until I stood up to go that I realized that the entire meadow was filled with hundreds of them grouped together in little families. What a gift!
Dark green veins on a soft green leaf.

These tiny little red blooms are called waterfall plants and true to their name they grew at almost every waterfall we crossed.

I believe these are some sort of saxifrag. Unfortunately they are so small that most people don't even notice them.

This was the trail leading to the Valle de silencio. I was lucky to have the entire trail to myself. Because there is no overlook or grand view the trail didn't have anyone else but me, a beautiful red fox, tons of birds and more wildflowers that I could hope for.

Chocolate and Cream

As always Jos has captured this summer wedding with an eye for detail. This shot with the afternoon sun coming through the meadow is just magical.
This bridal bouquet was a wild and loosely gathered arrangement of orchids, kiwi tendrils, poppy pods and chocolate cosmos with a few hydrangea and fragrant roses as well.

This dress is so so so lovely with vintage inspired gathers and delicate lace details.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A desert wildflower hike in Patagonia

We are still traveling around Patagonia and every day has been filled with beauty. These flowers are from a short hike we did  outside the town of El Calafate. The hike isn't in any of the guide books we just decided to make our way out of town and followed the river up to winding canyon. It was just beautiful and we had the entire place to ourselves! The picture above is of the Calafate berry. The locals claim that if you eat the berry you will return to Patagonia.   

Those of you in the Pacific Northwest probably recognize these lovelies, apparently lupine have a very large range.

These look very similar to our own "Spring beauties"

I had seen these diminutive little orchids in the guidebooks but hadn't seen any. My husband decided that he was ready to turn back and head towards town but I wanted to go just a little further up the hill so he waited for me. After only about 100yards or so I came across this meadow filled with literally hundreds of these tiny yellow orchids - AMAZING! They covered the desert floor in swaths of soft yellow. My husband said he suddenly heard me break out into giggles and knew I must have found something beautiful.

These are called dessert alstromeria. The picture on the left is the plant before it blooms - it looks almost like a sea anenome. The soft peach and grey coloring is just gorgeous.

Drifts of these white blooms cover the roadsides.

Goodbye sweet canyon - thank you for a perfect afternoon.